Spring Skin

As New York is shrouded in clouds and unseasonably cold weather, I sit looking out the window holding hope for the warmth that typically comes with this spring season. While spring has not made its grand appearance here, my skincare and makeup has already made the seasonal transiton. Out is the heaviness of winter, and in is the blushed, glowy, and youthfullness of spring. Break out the blush and sundresses (even if you wore one, you would surely freeze) and lets talk about my favorite things of spring.

For me, spring cleaning goes for skin as well. Exfolitiate to remove the dullness of winter and cleansing more than ever before. Double cleansing to remove SPF, sweat, pollution, and makeup of course. Cleansing again in the morning to remove the sweat that might occure to the udder lacking of properly working airconditioning in New York.

Simply, I use cetaphil gentle daily cleanser in the shower. It removes all of my makeup without irritation. I alternate between a prescription retinol and the Moon Juice Acid Exfoliant to remove dead skin to reveal clear and glowy skin.

I recently started using the Indie Lee CoQ10 toner and eye cream. This natural skincare brand is one of my new favorites. The feel of these products is so statifying, not to mention the scent. The toner smells lightly of jasmine, and the eye cream is so cooling and depuffing; checking all my boxes for an eye cream. These products are so luxurious in their overall feel, and I'm obessed with them for the spring.

On the spring makeup front, clear dewy skin, a proper brow, and rosey blush is all I intend to do on a daily basis. The Kosas Tinted Face Oil provides a light coverage and helps to even the complextion while leaving a radiant finish. It doesnt leave the skin incredibly oily, but instead adds a radiance to the face. I use my Glossier conclear to cover any blemishs I might have.

The Nars Orgasm blush to me is the perfect shade for my complextion. It contains a rosey peach shade with hints of shimmering gold, thus highlighting the cheekbones. The color is light enough to be fresh and natural, its my obsession.

The brow pencils from Benefit Cosmetics work together to create a brow that is filled in, yet natural. For me, its the best brow product I have ever used.

Spring will be here eventually, so I will continue with this routine until summer arrives here in New York and then we will all be drippng in sweat and SPF on the crowded subway platforms.

Happy Spring everyone!

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