Cold, Colder, Coldest; The Winter Skin Routine

As I write this post from my warm Williamsburg apartment, its a frozen 5degrees outside. New York has been replaced with this Arctic air, making your skin duller and dryer as the radiators fog up the windows. Winter skin is a science. Between the harsh cool winds, dry air, and the lack of vitamin D; your dewy glow is on vacation. Heres how to bring glowiness back into the utter gloom of a New York winter.

Reclaim moisturized dewy skin with oils, serums, and drinking loads of water. Your skin is a reflection of your inner health, in the winter hormones shift as we are terribly lacking in vitamin D and rather sedentary in nature. In the winter months, I focus on antioxidant rich foods and healthy fats to create a glow from within. I will share my morning skin smoothie in the coming future, full of acai, blueberries, flax, maca, coconut oil, matcha and spinach.

My evening winter skin care routine includes cleansing first with an oil based cleanser then following it up with a water based one; stemming from the Korean doubling cleansing method. I use a pure camellia oil that is rich in antioxidants, and massage my face. The oil breaks up my SPF that I wear during the day and removes any makeup I had on. The face massage also aids in lymphatic drainage thus relieving puffiness. Next up, I use Dr Dennis Gross 3in1 Cleanser and Toner. Its rich in moisturizing ingredients, so it tones my skin without leaving it dry and dehydrated. Proceeding this I exfoliate using First Aid Beauty exfoliating pads, swiping all over my face and decollete. Then I use the Ultra Hydrating serum from First Aid Beauty as well, its rich in hyaluronic acid to aid moisture back after exfoliating. Following this up with the eye cream from Dermalogica, then my night cream from First Aid Beauty. The thick creme texture helps my skin repair overnight. Lastly I lock it all in with the Clarins Santal oil for dry skin.

Winter lips are tricky. I constantly have five lip balms in all of my bags, nightstands, coats, and bathroom cabinet. I love the lip sleeping mask from Laneige, its made such a difference. I cannot go a day without it, on days Im not working I will apply it thickly all day long. The balm dot com from Glossier is a dream as well. Another honorable mention is Nars orgasm afterglow for moisture while also looking incredibly chic.

On cold winter mornings, I will apply my camellia oil and massage my skin to relieve any morning puffiness and add moisture. Then I gently cleanse with water. Morning times call for the Prism Serum from Herbivore, rich in fruit acids, antioxidants, vitamin c, and hyaluronic acid. Next up layering this with the hyaluronic serum from First Aid Beauty, then I apply a moisturizer and let that set before I apply my SPF. I alternate what moisturizer I use based on what my skin feels like in the morning, rotating between Embyrolisse, Skin Food, and the ultra repair cream from First Aid Beauty. I religiously apply SPF every single day, speaking with makeup artists and facialist, they all agree that SPF is key to aging beautifully. Especially in New York, as SPFs protect against pollution. I use the one from Dr Dennis Gross which is 40SPF and has a beautiful glowy tint.

Having a diet rich in antioxidants, collagen, greens, and healthy fats is part of my skincare routine as well. Drinking water, as boring as it sounds, plays a large role in your complexion. This rounds off my cold weather version of my usual routine.

Stay warm everyone!

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