Pack Your Bags

The TSA has a way of ruining skincare routines. Fear no more, my guide to beauty and wellness while traveling is here. Don't roll off the plane inflamed and irritated ever again.

Over the years, I went from packing amateur to carry-on hero. I can go from trans-Atlantic flight to work with a breeze, because I no longer feel or look like a zombie post-flight. Its a combination of travel approved skin care and anti-inflammatory supplements that help me bounce from location to location.

I guess my travel routine starts in the airport, I load up on water bottles and herbal teas. I prefer to fast during my flights, as my digestion suffers while in the pressurized airplane cabin. I love ginger or peppermint teas to keep bloat to a minimum. As soon as I get on the plane for an overnight flight, I wash my face. I love the Bioderma face wipes. They are low in toxins and alcohols, plus they get the job done. Next, I whip out my Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This spray is worth the hype, the herbs and extracts in this magic spray refine pores and perfects the skin's surface.  I love it. Next comes lip balm, the Glossier Balm Dot Com in coconut makes me feel like I'm on a holiday even though I'm most likely not on the way to vacation. Avene makes a thermal water spray, that I love to spritz on my face every so often. The airplane's recycled air can wreck havoc on your skin and hair. My secret? Moisture, moisture, moisture. Skin food from Weleda lives up to its name sake. It is truly is skin food. The rich formula smacks you in the face with hydration, which my dry skin adores. Next a good eye cream, I use the one from Dermalogica. For hair, I love a good cream. I mix a Klorane hair cream with Ouai wave spray for a non greasy hair protector. Upon landing, I keep a Klorane mini dry shampoo to bring my hair back to life. A good small brush is a lifesaver as well. For shorter flights, I simply bring concealer and things to wake up my skin post flight. I love the RMS concealer, its nontoxic and actually works. 

Supplement wise, I just started using the Trusii Hydrogen supplement. This helps bring the body to homeostasis as well as reduce inflammation. For me, it really keeps me grounded even though my body is going through air travel and inflammation causing activities. Other supplements I love for travel is magnesium, turmeric, and melatonin. 

These things help the body combat stress and inflammation. Plus magnesium helps keep you "regular" while traveling. I try to bring medicinal teas for the flight then I just ask the flight attendant for hot water & viola. Travel packets are your friend, things like Moon Juice dusts and Vital Proteins collagen are perfect.

Other things that I bring are a travel tooth brush and paste kit, floss, hand sanitizer, head phones, and a perfume roller ball. 

Dont skimp on your routine just because TSA bans most of your favorite things. Its simply just combatting the inflammation, stress, and dehydration caused by the modern magic of air travel. Show me your travel favorites. 

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