To Fast or Not To Fast?

Why does intermittent fasting sound so damn scary? & why is everyone doing it?

When you hear about fasting its normally the typical “juice fast” or people in the desert delirously water fasting. Intermittent fasting is not either. The idea behind intermittent fasting is that if you go for 18 hours without eating your body no longer runs on glucose, but your own fat. Thus burning your body’s own fat storages for energy. Intrigued?

Autophagy is the greek word for "self eating", and refers to the state in which your body burns its own fat for energy. Your body goes into this "self eating mode" when you intermittent fast. Fasting for these 18 hours rejuvenates the immune system, kills inflammation, improves brain activity, and lowers blood sugar by "self eating". Which literally kills off the stuff that is making you weak (excess fat, diseased cells, toxins) and creating cells to replace them.

If you eat dinner at 7pm you would withhold from eating until 1pm the next day. Its a little less daunting to know you’d be sleeping 9+ hours of the intial fast. However, you can have coffee, water and tea until your 1pm breakfast. Also studies now are showing that if you consume a bit of fat (mct oil, ghee, grassfed butter) in your coffee or tea during this fast, the benefits are then amplified and so is your metabolism.

Here is what I have most mornings:

2 cups Organic Coffee (toxin free)

1tbsp Bulletproof Brain Octane oil

1tsp Ghee

Brew, blend, done

I drink this, and then go to the gym. Working out in this upgraded fasted state does not only boost athletic preformamce, but also ensures you aren’t just working your a$$ off in the gym to burn glucose. Burn your own fat for fuel!

Ladies, listen up! As this state is extremely benefical to you, doing this fast everyday is not best. Our bodies work on a month long testosterone cycle & men’s bodies work on a 24 hour cycle. This being said, men have a consistent level everyday & we do not. Through during many parts of our cycle we can easily reap the reward of this fast, some parts do not hold benefit. Listen to your body!

For those that have adrenal dystfunction, fasting might not be for you! Try it and see how you feel! Also for those that get cranky hangry mid way through, break the fast early!

Try it!! I have linked some studies below if you want to get nerdy, or do not believe a word that you have just read. I would not lie to you ;)

Avery XO

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