Doubling Down

I remember when I used to just wash my face with bioderma and call it a day, then waking up in the morning with raccoon eyes. As a model, makeup removing comes down to a science. My nightly ritual evolved, and evolved welcoming in new habits and ditching others; like they way that I used to wash my face.

Washing your face has always been a big discussion in the beauty world. Do you wash your face in the morning? Or only at night? Oil cleanser or gel cleanser? To exfoliate or to not exfoliate?

Its divided.

Korean women have mastered the art of double cleansing, and copying the Koreans' routines isn't a new thing (snails please?). This not so new phoneme of cleansing your face not once but twice, is taking over the western world. Using first an oil based cleanser to swipe away makeup with ease then a gel to the skin cleanse again. This type of cleansing insures that the dirt of the day is wiped away by removing makeup and then cleansing what is left underneath. The idea is that simply cleansing once only removes your makeup, leaving behind some pollution and dirt thus clogging pores and causing you to wake up the blemishes. Who wants that?

I switched up my skincare routine for the past month, and started to double cleanse..LIFE CHANGING. I did not have problems with acne to begin with, but my skin was more glowy and had this clarity to it like never before. Here is what my double cleanse looks like.

I first use a cleansing oil, it does not have to be anything fancy, using a simple jojoba or something fancier like your normal facial oil. I use my Lapis Oil from Herbivore Botanicals, its so soothing from the edition of the Blue Tansy & is not super heavy. I have also found that when double cleansing, my eyelashes have grown from the all the nourishing oils that remove my mascara everyday, regular face wash: 0 doubling cleansing:1.

I massage the oil around my whole face, and on my lash line, letting the oils breakdown the mascara so it wipes away nice and easy. After about two minutes of facial massage, I take a warm wet washcloth and remove the oil and makeup.

Next up is my gel based cleanser, I use the Cleansing Wash from French Girl Organics. This wash is full of activated charcoal and neroli oil, its divine and easy on the budget for such a high quality cleanser. I take a few pumps of wash and cleanse like normal, making sure to remove everything from your face.

That is double cleansing, it is as easy as that. Truly, it is not that big of a hassle everyday and the difference it makes is well worth it! Would you try it?

#beauty #skincare

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